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Burlesque Classes

burlesque classes


Bella has taught thousands of women (and a handful of men) the art of burlesque – so you are in fabulous company if you decide to learn as well!

Highly experienced in teaching all levels of students: beginners (Beginners’ Guide to Burlesque), intermediate (The Next Step) and expert level (Waiting in the Wings) she has the perfect course for you.

Ranging from basic moves, characterisation and how to develop your very own burlesque stage name to sophisticated strip-teasing, how to deal with costume malfunctions and tassel twirling – you can learn this and much, much more with the benefit of Bella’s 18 years in the burlesque and cabaret industry.

You should always check with your health practitioner before starting a new type of exercise.

burlesque classes

for all

No previous experience is needed to take part in the classes nor is participation restricted by height, weight or age. The focus is very much on body positivity! The only important thing is that you are in decent physical health*, can commit to the class dates are prepared to have lots of fun!

She also offers one to one tuition which is incredibly useful for routine development and making your act perfectly polished. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to perform for a paying audience, for your own confidence boost or for the bedroom; Bella will know exactly what will work for you and leave you feeling raring to go!

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Bella Besame


Bella’s students reap huge rewards from taking part in the classes; you can check out some previous student quotes below to see for yourself what people’s experiences have been.

Ladies have had massive boosts in their body confidence levels and self esteem, some have gone on to having careers in performance outside of burlesque and many have become fully fledged performers – some being flown across the world to perform internationally!

  • Absolutely loved my classes, Bella is such a warm person and a huge inspiration! Plus her classes taught me how to feel good about myself!

  • Took a burlesque class with Bella way back in 2007! I went on to perform at several of the stunning slippery belle evenings & couldn't have had more fun doing so! Bella attracted a great group of gals & guys and steered a fine ship through competitive times. Always impeccable onstage herself Bella manages to impart confidence and empowerment in a way many can't. Courses with Bella are highly recommended for some true "me time".

  • Not only did Bella's course improve my confidence and well being far more than 6 months of CBT, the course gave me the confidence and ideas to become a regular, returning performer who got repeat gigs. Being able to brave a real life audience has given me so much resilience in other walks of life. Her teaching style is funny, inclusive and supportive but always with an eye towards developing ideas.

  • Bella's classes were great for improving my confidence and spring boarded me into the world of performing burlesque. That was 7 years ago. Since then I have performed all over the UK, trained in circus arts and become a personal trainer; things I would probably have never done had I not done the classes.

  • I booked Bella to organise my wedding entertainment for our guests, but she left as a friend; a very funny, beautiful person on the inside as well as out. Sexy but professional, we are honoured and proud that Bella was a part of our special day.


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